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Handcrafted cat necklace in sterling silver

Handcrafted cat necklace in sterling silver

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This one of a kind sterling silver cat necklace will have feline fanatics sprawled out on the carpet and purring with the necklace's fun cartoonish design that we personally developed in our own studio through a series of sketches and transferred to a blank piece of 18 gauge sterling silver where a jewelry saw combined with a steady hand was used to carefully cut out the design. The edges were followed with a buffing pad to remove any burrs, smooth the shape, and slightly round the transition between the flat surfaces and edges so that this kitty won't leave you scratched and clawed. A natural brushed finish was chosen to accentuate the handmade nature of the cat and further exemplify the one of a kind artistic touches that creates a unique necklace that much like any real cat will have its own distinct personality.

Since no two cat fanatics are alike and can argue for hours about indoors vs outdoor or homemade vs store bought scratching posts, we offer this cat necklace with your choice of a stainless steel ball chain, black leather cord with adjustable slip knots for a southwestern style, or for an extra charge, we can create a matching sterling silver link chain. By default, we ship with the stainless ball chains and leather cords, since their track record for durability has been fantastic. It is also possible to personalize you cat necklace with a hammered texture, engraved details, and words or text. The cat measures about 1.5 inches from head to tail and the chain can be cut in any custom length by simply entering your requests in the notes at check out.

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