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Couples Ring Set in Sterling Silver with Blue Topaz

Couples Ring Set in Sterling Silver with Blue Topaz

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Uniting a couple in peace and love, this sterling silver couples ring set was handcrafted in the shape of two soaring love birds and inspired by the monogamous lifetime bond between turtle doves. Sawed entirely by hand and featuring a dark blue topaz on the lady's ring, the rings are a unique artisan statement complete with finely engraved stylized feathers along the trailing edges.

Measuring 4mm wide as the average band width and ¾ inch from head to tail feathers, the rings can be easily scaled, custom fit to any ring size, and the inside of the bands engraved with personalized messages or dates by entering your requests in the notes at check out.

To create the rings, a bird design with an integrated band was drawn on a flat sheet of sterling silver with a fine Sharpie marker and then the contours carefully followed with an extremely fine fret saw. The flat bird cut out was then loosely worked into a ring shape in order to align the ends along a seam. Using a Hydroflux welder that produces a flame no wider than a pencil tip with a point temperature of 5000 F, the ends were neatly fused along the seam and rings shaped into perfectly round rings by tapping with nylon mallet while on a steel mandrel. The bezel cup was also soldered to the center of the lady's ring and fine details engraved along the edges before setting the 3mm blue topaz. Since this is a couples ring set, we finished the rings with a heavy brushed burnish to provide a finish that would appeal to both the lady and the guy. Of course we don't want to leave anyone out, so if you would like the rings crafted for a same sex couple, we can either add a stone to both rings or leave them out entirely.


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