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Personalized Morse code sterling silver bracelet

Personalized Morse code sterling silver bracelet

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Creating your own personalized statement through Morse Code, this sterling silver cuff bracelet offers endless customization for unique gifts while still emphasizing the classic timeless appeal of polished sterling silver. As shown in the example photos, the bracelet has been hand engraved with I love you translated into Morse Code, however you can order your bracelet with custom Morse Code by entering your requests in plain English or translated Morse code using dashes and dots in the notes during check out.

To assist in translating your phrase into Morse code and see how your translation will appear on this cuff bracelet, please reference or any other online translator. Also keep in mind that this cuff bracelet measures between 5-7 inches depending on your sizing requests, so exceptionally long codes may not fit in the space. Generally I recommend leaving a little border on both sides of the code, so as not to give a crammed appearance.

Measuring 6mm wide, 2mm thick (12 gauge), this bracelet measures 6 inches in length with a 1 inch gap and will fit a medium size wrist, however you can also order your bracelet in any size with a custom fit by simply noting your wrist size or preferred bracelet size in the check out notes.

The 12 gauge sterling silver was also chosen for its impressive thickness to allow stamped text on the back side without concern for the lettering punching through to the opposite side, while providing a quality bracelet that will hold its perfect shape years. Formed by shaping the thick sterling silver over a wooden bracelet mandrel with a nylon mallet, the bracelet was finished to perfection with rounded end tabs, smooth edges, and a black patina was brushed into the Morse Code for maximum contrast. To capture a mirror finish, the sterling silver was hand polished the bracelet with a series of increasing grit polishing cloths ending with an extremely fine 12,000 grit.


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