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Dragonfly Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Anticlastic Shape and Metallic Patina

Dragonfly Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Anticlastic Shape and Metallic Patina

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Handcrafted in massive sterling silver to capture the impressive feel of a warrior bracelet from antiquity, this sterling silver dragonfly cuff bracelet combines handsawed 18 gauge sterling silver wings that were exaggerated to cascade across the full length of the bracelet, a simple dragonfly body focused on geometrical emphasis, and a thick 18 gauge sterling silver base all fused together with sterling silver solder and formed into an anticlastic cuff bracelet with a smooth continuous radius of curvature. A rich potassium based patina greets the eyes with blue and deep purple tones on the backing band that harmoniously blend into the vibrant silver tones of the wings.

After soldering the dragonfly components to the base with sterling silver solder and an acetylene torch, fine details such as the grooved pattern along the edges of the wings, small trailing circles representing the motion of flight, and dimples for dividing the segments of the body were hammered into the sterling silver and darkened along with the outlines of the dragonfly by the addition of a pewter black patina. To maximize comfort, the end tabs have been rounded and the flat 18 gauge sterling silver band was hammered into a perfect bracelet shape on a wooden bracelet mandrel to conform precisely to the contours of your wrist. The combined thickness of the 18 gauge sterling silver dragonfly and backing plate, create a bracelet that is too thick to form entirely by hand, so by pressing the band with the soldered elements into hard neoprene with a mushroom die, the bracelet is both partially shaped and given an anticlastic form.

Photographed here in a 6.5 inch length by 1.25 inch width to fit a medium sized wrist, I recommend ordering your dragonfly bracelet in your exact size by entering your wrist measurements in the check out notes or contacting me to discuss sizing. Custom orders and special requests are always welcome.

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