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Sterling silver guitar pick with I pick you

Sterling silver guitar pick with I pick you

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Mesmerizing the eyes with rays of silver, this 18 gauge (1 mm) sterling silver guitar is my own unique design that was cut using a custom handmade tungsten steel die and elegantly stamped one letter at a time with I Pick You. A black patina was brushed into the lettering for contrast before burnishing the sterling silver with a silicon wheel to enhance the glow of the sterling silver while preserving the grain structure of the metal for a visual texture with a subtle shimmer in direct sunlight.

The guitar pick features filed edges and polished surfaces to give your strings and fingers some love and the sterling silver will captivate your eyes with a bright metallic tone that combines a soft ring with increase sustain. Measuring about 1.3 inch long by 1.2 wide, the this pick is similar in size to larger plastic guitar picks and has all the joys of flicking and strumming a solid 6 gram sterling silver pick. If you would like to customize the pick, simply enter any requests in the check out notes, I will be happy to add your personalized touches to both the front and back.

Our picks do not ship with the black stand shown in the photos, however we do make custom and personalized guitar pick stands in all metals to match your guitar pick

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