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Horse on Sterling Silver Necklace for a Cowgirl

Horse on Sterling Silver Necklace for a Cowgirl

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This galloping horse was sawed by hand from 18 gauge Sterling Silver using a fine jewelry saw and has flowing contours with detailed cut and pierced design work, which were created by drilling a pilot hole, feeding a jewelry saw blade through the hole, and sawing out the forms by hand. A series of wire brushes were used to burnish the silver before finishing with a soft polishing wheel to add a subtle shine to the surface. The double-step polishing preserve the natural metallic grains, exemplifies the handmade appearance, and provides a touch of mixed iridescence depending on viewing angle and light spectrum.

The horse measures about 1.33 inch wide and comes with the sterling silver chain. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or special requests.

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