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Sterling Silver Money Clip Personalized for Dad

Sterling Silver Money Clip Personalized for Dad

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Celebrating fatherhood with baby feet, this sterling silver money clip was handcrafted for Father's Day or remembering that special birthday for a new dad. Measuring 2 inches long by 1 inch wide, there is ample space to add a date or custom message by simply entering your personalized requests in the notes to box at check out.

The money clip was custom cut from 20 gauge sterling silver as a flat band on our precision shear, folded in half, worked into shape over a cylindrical steel bar entirely by hand and the corners rounded and edges filed so that there are no sharp corners to rip pockets or those freshly minted bills.

As a practical and durable finish, a uni-directional brushed burnish produced with an abrasive rubberized silicon pad, reveals a hint of texture while producing natural highlights and silver hues that vary with viewing angles. Of course, upon request, we can also create money clips with near mirror finishes by hand polishing using ascending fine grits or tumble to a perfect mirror finish in ceramic media. Please do keep in mind though, those super sexy finishes will show every fingerprint and scratch and require frequent re-polishing.

Lettering and text are stamped one letter at a time by striking steel metal lettering bars with a hammer to create a deep impressions in the sterling silver. The text is then darkened black with a pewter black patina to increase contrast and legibility against the silver background.


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