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Swirl Pattern in Sterling Silver Ring

Swirl Pattern in Sterling Silver Ring

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An artistic swirling pattern blended with a three dimensional anticlastic curved shape leads the eyes on a journey through a labyrinth of form and design in radiant silver. This very unique ring was custom cut from thick 16 gauge (1.2mm) sterling silver, hammered on a steel patterned block to imprint the swirling design, and formed into a ring so that the open ends align perfectly at a seam. After joining the ends with an acetylene torch and sterling silver solder, the seam was filed until nearly invisible and ring hammered into a perfect ring shape with a nylon mallet on a steel ring mandrel. The completed ring is then placed on a thick steel block and hammered with a spherical dapping tool that is slightly larger than the diameter of the ring to flare the edges and increase the diameter along the outside edges thereby forming the half concave anticlastic shape. To complete the full anticlastic form, the ring is turned over and flared on the opposite side.

You can order you anticlastic swirling ring with a personalized fit by entering your ring size in the check out notes. This listing ring can also be customized with stamped and engraved text in place of the swirl design. The ring measures approximately 8mm wide and features a light patina with a satin brushed finish to add contrast to the grooves of the swirling design, however you can also request a perfect mirror finish.


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