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Handcrafted Bird Design Sterling Silver Bracelet

Handcrafted Bird Design Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Soaring with wings outstretched, this sterling silver bird bracelet was handcrafted with Art Deco wings sawed from 20 gauge sterling silver using a jewelry saw and soldered to a solid 18 gauge handmade sterling silver base. The wings were exaggerated to flow the bird form over the full curve of the bracelet, while brushed sterling silver greets the eyes with a vibrant silver shine.

Using an acetylene torch and high flow sterling silver solder, the hand sawed wings and bird body were soldered to a 6.5 inch long by 1 inch wide rectangular base and then hammered with a nylon mallet into a perfect bracelet over a wooden mandrel. After removing the fire scale, rounding the end tabs, and filing the edges, a patina was applied to add dimension and contrast to the wings.

While shown here in a 6.5 inch width to fit a medium sized wrist, I definitely recommend ordering your bird bracelet in your exact size by giving me your wrist measurements. When you order your bracelet with a personalized fit, you will also have the opportunity to customize the individual elements of the bracelet such as metal options, substituting your own designs, or rearranging the components to suite individual tastes. Just remember, these bracelets are handmade, so no two will be exactly alike.

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