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Sterling Silver Stackable Bangle Set with geometric patterns and florals

  • $25000

Handcrafted as part of my own jewelry endeavor to create a piece for my own personal wardrobe, this sterling silver bangle set has remained one of my favourites and continues to garner frequent attention and compliments whether at the grocery store, window shopping, or going out with the ladies.

Featuring 5 stackable bangles with various geometric and floral patterns, the bangles measure 3mm – 5mm width and can be customized to fit your arm by entering your bangle circumference or hand size (measured with your thumb tucked in using a flexible measuring band) in the order notes. If you are ordering individual bangles, please let me know which ones you like .

As shown in these photos, a black antique patina was applied to the bangles in order to enhance the depth and produce a 3-dimensional pattern. Upon request, we can also leave off the patina and polish the bangles to high shine. You can also request multiples of just 1 type of bangles for a matched set.

Each bangle is handmade by cutting patterned sterling silver to the proper length, perfectly aligning the ends with a pliers, and joined together using hydrogen welder that both fuses the metal and creates a soldered joint. Finely Finely crafted to perfection by hammering into a round bangle over a wooden bracelet mandrel with a nylon mallet, careful attention is also paid to the smoothing and filing the seam until barely visible.