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Sterling Silver Unicorn Disc Necklace with antiqued Patinas

Sterling Silver Unicorn Disc Necklace with antiqued Patinas

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Featuring a unicorn that was sawed by hand from 20 gauge sterling silver with a fine jewelry saw,, this unicorn pendant uses a 1.5 inch 18 gauge sterling silver backing disc with a heavy brushed patina to create stunning contrast and spotlight the unicorn with a brilliant silver glow. The brushed finish on the unicorn and multidirectional strokes applied to the backing plate produce an age appearance that befits the timeless legend of the one horned mythical animal.

The medallion measures a total of 2mm thick, was fused with high quality sterling silver solder heated uniformly with an acetylene torch, hangs perfectly from a stainless steel ball chain, and has a diameter of 1.5 inches. Upon request, this pendant can also ship with a black leather cord tied using southwestern style slip knots or mixed metals such as a copper unicorn on a silver medallion.

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