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Verpiss Dich Toe Ring in Sterling Silver – Go “Piss Off" German Ring

Verpiss Dich Toe Ring in Sterling Silver – Go “Piss Off" German Ring

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When you really need to bark a piss off, this sterling silver Verpiss Dich toe ring delivers a message with unmistakable German power to send even the Roman legions packing and quivering in fear of the mighty barbarians to the north.

►The ring measures about 4 mm wide in a sturdy 16 gauge and is photographed here in a medium toe ring size with easy adjustable end tabs to accommodate many common toe shapes and sizes, however you can order your toe ring with a customized fit by entering your sizing requests in the personalizations box.

►Since each ring is handmade from start to finish, every detail can be custom ordered including the choice of sayings, symbols, text, and words.

►For a comfortable pinch free fit, the end tabs have been rounded and hand-filed to keep your toes happy.

►This listing can also be used for any personalized toe rings, by noting your special requests in the personalization box.

►The ring was formed by hammering the thick sterling silver over a metal ring mandrel with a nylon mallet and verpiss handstamped one letter at a time. In order to bring out the lettering, a black patina is applied to the deep grooves thereby adding the contrast.


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