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Bronze Wallet Insert engraved with My Heart Beats Just for You

Bronze Wallet Insert engraved with My Heart Beats Just for You

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Featuring a hand-sawed heart beat wave as a personalized statement of love for 8th anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, or any other occasion where a true proclamation of love is due, this solid bronze wallet insert can also be customized with any engraved or stamped text by entering your request in the notes box at check out.

Designed to matched the size and shape of an ordinary credit card for convenience and was precisely cut in accordance with ATM and credit card norms. The insert measures 3.4in x 2.2in (85.6mm × 53.9mm), weighs about 45 grams, has wallet friendly rounded corners, and features 20 gauge commercial bronze with 90% copper and 10% zinc for a bright gold colour without the added toxins like lead.

The unique heart beat wave was produced by drilling a small pilot hole in the bronze insert and following a pencil line that was drawn freehand using a fine frame saw. All lettering is stamped by striking steel lettering kits with a hammer to create a permanent and deep impression in the bronze and then darkening those impressions with a black patina to maximize contrast against the golden glow of the metal.

Commercial bronze is more corrosion and tarnish resistant than other bronze alloys, however tarnishing will naturally occur in harsh conditions and with exposure to the elements, so it may be necessary to polish your wallet insert with a cloth from time to time. While we prefer the look of aged bronze for a timeless rustic appeal, you can also request a wax coating to seal and protect the bronze. This bronze insert ships with a light directional brushed burnish that provides a durable finish for hiding scratches.



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