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Wide sterling silver cuff with stars - solid and heavy - 2mm thick

Wide sterling silver cuff with stars - solid and heavy - 2mm thick

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Star stamped in glowing silver, this massive sterling silver cuff bracelet was handcrafted with gracious sizing to balance bold with elegance and bit more pronounced artisan style for an appearance that clearly defies dainty, fragile, and flimsy. Measuring a full 2mm thick by 10mm wide in 12 gauge sterling silver, the stars have been hand stamped one star at a time and cuff bracelet finished with a direction brushed burnish to emphasize glowing silver instead of an overpowering silver shine.

As photographed, this bracelet will fit a 7inch wrist, however you can request a personalized fit by entering your bracelet or wrist size in the notes to seller box. Since this is a handmade cuff bracelet, you can also personalize the design with your own theme or request custom hand stamped text.

The thick rigid sterling silver offers the benefits of retaining the bracelet shape even after years of wearing. To create the star design, a steel rod with a 5mm star on the end is struck with a 3lb hammer to produce a deep impression in the sterling silver. A patina is then applied to the grooves in order to add contrast to the stars

Given the beautiful thickness of the sterling silver, the inside of this bracelet can be stamped and engraved with personalized messages and custom text without having to be concerned that the numbers and letters will punch through or mar the opposite side.

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