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Sterling Silver Toe Ring with Wild Flowers

Sterling Silver Toe Ring with Wild Flowers

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Patterned with a botanically inspired “leafscape,” this sterling silver toe ring decorates your toes with swirling leaves in a sea of silver shine.

Measuring 4 mm wide and available as an adjustable toe ring, finger ring, or fitted ring, the width balances sleek elegance with a bold design to create an eye-catching statement. Each ring is finished with rounded and filed end tabs before forming over a steel ring mandrel by tapping to perfection using non-marking nylon hammer. A black patina was brush onto the ring and raised surfaces polished to produce strong contrast between the silver shine and deep grooves for added dimension.

While the toe ring is adjustable, you can order your ring with a personalized fit by noting your ring size or a physical description such as “small” in the check out notes.


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