Guitar Pick Stands

The Story behind our Guitar Pick Stands

When we first started to photograph our metal guitar picks with a point and shoot camera, the flash would reflect off the shiny picks and leave us with an overexposed image. With a little experimentation and lighting the picks from the side using bicycle lamps instead of the flash, the balance was somewhat restored albeit with a degree of frustrating glare. Just by coincidence, we used the electrical prong adapter from a cellphone charger to hold the pick upright and intended later remove the photo-prop while whitening the backgrounds. As 100% of our efforts were diverted to keeping up with demand, the photos were sadly neglected and the electrical adapter stands actually became our running joke.

As our picks were warmly received, customer demand for holders inspired us to design simple disc stands with a small slot. Like our guitar picks, these stands could be ordered in bronze, copper, brass, aluminum, and sterling silver with custom and personalized messages.


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